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"No Helmet = No Brains"

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From the very beginning, Bob Duffey has stressed safety in motorcycling. He often compares them to airplanes, guns, and marriages. The only times you hear about them are when something goes wrong. Bob has donated hundreds of  hours to schools and organizations across the country doing safety talks. As a certified instructor, he always encourages students and adults to make time to learn first. Putting what you learn into practice is up to you. To know and not to do, is not to know. That includes being a first class influence on the people you ride with, or see riding nearby. Bob practices what he preaches. He taught his two sons, Lonnie and Jerry, to ride at ages 4 and 5. You won't catch either riding without a helmet.

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AGV, Arai, Bell, Suomy (soo-O-mee)

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