Bob Duffey has been fascinated by motorcycles since childhood and has been riding since he was eight years old. He has broken numerous records and accomplished many firsts in his long career. He has appeared in books, magazines, on That’s Incredible, and in three movies.

Being remembered for your jumps comes with the territory for motorcycle stuntmen. But, there's a lot more to Bob Duffey than a 3 second flight like the one here from Safford, AZ. Bob is arguably one of the most talented motorcycle riders among the jumpers. And many people, fans and contemporaries alike, remember him for his heart felt passion for motorcycles.

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CBS Sports Spectacular – World Championship Motorcycle Jumper. He beat jumpers from the U.S.A. and the world including riders from England, France, and Czechoslovakia. The contest was held in October of 1977 at the Orange County Dragstrip in Orange County California. In addition to successfully completing each jump, the competitors were required to hit a target painted on the landing ramp. Bob came into the contest as an alternate. His day-in, day-out riding background put him consistently at the top of the scoring. At the end of the night, the number one title was his.


The Fastest Man on Two Wheels Backwards. With an ET of 11.71 seconds and a trap speed of 122 mph, Bob Duffey is untouched on the dragstrip backwards. This record was set on a stock 1979 Kawasaki Z1R-TC, his pride and joy, at an IDBA sanctioned event. With the recent crop of Open Class Super Sport motorcycles, we can expect him to best this record in the near future. Plans for a land speed record are also in development. Seen here during a night show on his XR600, Bob Duffey makes it look easy. StuntsBackwardXR-sm.JPG (5612 bytes)

    He does nearly a dozen different kinds of wheelies during his full length shows.

StuntsWheelieTwoKnee-sm.JPG (9148 bytes) StuntsWheelieTwoFoot-sm.JPG (10587 bytes) StuntsWheelieOneFoot-sm.JPG (5744 bytes) StuntsWheelieCan-sm.JPG (7868 bytes)
Two Knees Two Feet One Foot Can Crusher

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Here’s the Can Crusher from 1980, performed in Germany. Those are his two sons assisting him. How do you describe your first summer job? How much do you trust your dad? Bob always focuses his attention when demonstrating one of his most difficult stunts – the Backwards Wheelie.

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The Helicopter Jump, a Bob Duffey original stunt, was first performed on June 14, 1974 in his home town of Las Cruces, New Mexico at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. The pilot maintained a rotor speed of over 30,000 rpm.


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Bob Duffey’s stunts have taken him to all 48 continental states, all the provinces of Canada, Mexico City, Mexico in front of 74,000 people, South America, and Germany. With 1,206 jumps under his belt, 1,203 of those have ended as planned. No other motorcycle jumper can match this track record of 99.75% perfect.

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Firewall in South America

Ramp to Ramp in Germany



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